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        The sky.
        Solar panels.

        Join the solar energy revolution

        From community solar to project development to home solar loans we're creating better solar options in every neighborhood we serve.

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        We're transforming access to renewable energy with simple, powerful solar solutions for homes, businesses, and communities.

        Home with solar panel roof
        Home Solar Loans

        Home Solar Loans

        Affordable solar is within easy reach. We make home solar ownership a reality with solar panel loans, plus community solar to further offset your costs.

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        Dad playing with child
        Community Solar

        Community Solar

        Breaking down barriers to solar benefits. Homeowners, businesses, and towns can enjoy savings by signing up for a community solar share. No rooftop panels required!

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        Solar farm
        Solar Development

        Solar Development

        We work at the forefront of responsible solar development. Partner with us to develop innovative utility-scale solar.

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        Only BlueWave combines solar panel financing and community solar

        We've combined solar panel financing and community solar to deepen your savings. Get all of your energy needs met by solar. Go all in with BlueWave's AllBlue.

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        Go Solar

        We're here to transform access to renewable energy.

        • Mother and child playing

          Solar for my home

          Rooftop solar. Community solar. AllBlue. Create a better future for you, your community, and this planet we call home.

        • Coffee shop storefront

          Solar for my business

          Community solar brings you simple bill savings while you support clean energy. Do well by doing good for your community.

        • Solar farm

          Solar for my land

          Preserve your land and the planet: host solar arrays to earn a stable revenue stream without irreversible development.


        We show up every day to make our mission a reality for our partners and customers.

        We're on a mission to bring solar to every community. As a certified B Corp, we are guided by our responsibility to our customers, our community, and the planet.


        So, let's do this. Let's talk solar.

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